Vehicle branding by Brand Iron for KZN SCIENCE CENTRE, Durban

Vehicle branding in Durban, we enjoy it when we get to also help our for a great cause.

Brand Iron has definitely been involved in some exciting projects, but what a joy to be involved in a project -that included Image

The KZN Science Centre and pupils of Nonhelevu Secondary School.

With the focus being on Science Week, it seemed fitting that The Afrisun Community Development Trust / KZN Science Centre Outreach Initiative be launched at Nonhelevu Secondary School, where The KZN Science Centre were the proud recipient of a new outreach vehicle, branded by Brand Iron.

We travelled up to Nonhelevu Secondary School with the Afrisun and Ogilvy team.  There were loads of tweets, loads of chatting and general excitement over the project that Afrisun and KZN Science had launched.

Arriving at Nonhelevu Secondary School bought back loads of memories, the bell ringing, the teacher asking for silence, and the pupils all buzzing in anticipation and excitement, and seeing the KZN Science van parked in the quad you could understand what the excitement was all about.

Handing over an unbranded vehicle would have been like hanging a blank canvas in an art museum.  Brand Iron got involved, and did one of the things that they do best … brand vehicles!  The branding is fun, has the elements of a science van and it created excitement amongst the learners.

Vehicle branding has become more and more popular and is a great marketing and awareness tool, and at Brand Iron we have mastered the art of vehicle branding.

Our clients gave us a brief of what they envisage or the print ready files and we transform the vehicle, which is exactly what we did for KZN Science Centre.  We printed the images and expertly apply the vinyl to the vehicle.

Once the KZN Science Centre bus was printed and applied it turned many heads, even just at our Brand Iron offices.  We knew when we saw it that KZN Science Centre was going to love it.

Look out for the KZN Science Centre bus on the roads, take a photo, tag it on both the Brand Iron and KZN Science Centre facebook page and you could win a trip to KZN Science Centre.

Brand Iron – The Good Shepherds of Branding.

We offer Vehicle-branding as one of our services. For more info:

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