Interior branding using stencil vinyls in popular restaurant Spiga d’Oro by @BrandIronSA


Brand Iron do an Interior branding using stencil vinyls in popular restaurant Spiga d’Oro

We have all seen the logo, we have all had a meal there, and we all love the vibe!  Based on Florida Road, Durban, it’s an institution. It probably did not take long to guess that we are talking about Spiga d’Oro on Florida Road. Spiga, which means: Vivere Con Passione “Live with Passion” is a sentiment we can get behind.

Brand Iron was called in when Spiga expanded their restaurant to the back of their premises and by adding a large kitchen, the area needed to be branded.  Christian Mugnai, the designer for Spiga, designed an art piece to symbolize their love for food.  Brand Iron worked closely with Marco and Chris (who really don’t need any introduction) during the process, advising them what was possible, how best to set up artwork and what paint would work best.  We at Brand Iron learnt a lot in this process and today have successfully executed more stencil vinyls.

Let’s take you through the process:


Step 1: Using vector based artwork and stencil specific vinyl the artwork is cut using a CAD device.  We then ‘weed’ out the bits where the paint will ultimately go.

Thereafter we at Brand Iron laminate the weeded stencil vinyl with a backing sheet (this nifty trick ensures that all the artwork stays in its correct place when being removed from the silicone liner.


Step 2: Brand Iron: apply the stencil vinyl to the wall.  In this picture you will notice the blue stencil vinyl and the clear backing sheet on top.  Once the stencil vinyl is applied to the wall we carefully and painstakingly remove the backing sheet from the stencil vinyl to leave only the stencil vinyl on the wall for painting.


Step 3: Time to Paint. The Brand Iron team either airbrush the paint onto the wall, or use a paint roller, depending on the chosen finish and effect the client wants.  The first coat is generally a light coat to seal the edges of the stencil vinyl to the wall so as to ensure as clean an edge as possible in the artwork.


Step 4: Once finished painting we proceed to carefully, very carefully, remove the stencil vinyl from the wall.  This is the most rewarding part as for the first time the image slowly reveals itself.  It’s a lot like pulling the blindfold off to see a hot date!


Step 5: Touch ups.  Any problem areas are addressed and edges are cleaned up.  Viola “Mangiane Bene”!

Interiors and branding inside retail outlets, restaurants and even office receptions is where this process is extremely effective.

Contact Brand Iron on to easily offer up advice.

If you live North of the River (Durban North), you will be very excited to hear that Spiga is opening in the area, look out for the new restaurant and the interior elements that we are going to be assisting with.

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